Sani-Stands / Sani-Stations

Safer Plus is supporting the public health of our local communities.

We need to keep everyone safe.

All of us have a responsibility and this unique dispenser is the ultimate answer to reducing the spread of germs or viruses and ensuring persons are sanitizing hands at all times.
The operating pedal means that the human skin does not come into contact with dispenser, eradicating the risk of cross-contamination.



  • No contact with hands
  • 100% mechanical – no batteries
  • No installation required
  • Universal bottle fit
  • Rust proof durable powder coated aluminum with steel base
  • Made in the USA


Contact us for bulk pricing: (562) 884-7780 or toll free 844-674-4367


The Safer Plus Sani-Station™

The Safer Plus  Sani-Station™ will become the symbol of cleanliness and social responsibility in your workplace or business establishment.

The Sani-Station™ can be branded to your business so you can proudly display your company colors and logo while promoting public health.

Curb the likely hood of contamination by offering your employees and / or customers an attractive and convenient way to sanitize.

Available in 4 different sizes to include a single hand sanitizer dispensing unit or multiple units to meet your needs:

1-sided with baseplates 39"x93" and 19.5"x93"
4-sided 45"x93" and 26"x93"

Contact us for bulk pricing: (562) 884-7780 or toll free 844-674-4367