Pooled, Lab-Based PCR Testing

Save Time, Money, and Resources!

Fast Turnaround Time

100% Specificity

Save Resources

Complete Solution

The SAFERPLUS™ Difference

We understand the challenges of managing Covid-19 testing and we're dedicated to supporting school and workplace safety with our complete lab-based PCR solutions. 

Our solution combines CAP/CLIA Accredited laboratories, highly specific tests, fully-trained healthcare partners, shipping services, and reporting to create an efficient end-to-end formula to combat the spread of Covid-19 in your organization. We have the resources in place to support significant daily testing volume.

Schedule Testing


Communicate with organization to coordinate detailed project plan outlining all milestones, critical dates, responsibilities and deliverables

Nasopharyngeal or Saliva-based testing options are ordered

All tests and PPE supplies are delivered prior to testing

Licensed/trained medical staff arrive to administer Covid-19 test

Tests are transported back to a CAP/CLIA Accredited High-Complexity laboratory

Lab results are processed with the fastest turnaround time in the industry! Guaranteed 24-Hour TAT

Reporting of results

Follow-up protocols for positive results

Lessen Covid-19 exposure and transmission rates in your organization with Pooled Testing Solutions from SAFERPLUS™

The risk of outbreak increases from 5% to 90% without an evidence-based program.
- The Lancet

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